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Wood, wood products

Wholesale and retail trade of wood and wood products.


UAB "Inverta ir partneriai" - is engaged in the organization of the sawmill production process, the production of processed wood and the sale of finished products, we provide impregnation and wood painting works.

Wholesale and retail trade in wood (logs, round logs, pulpwood, wood for fuel), sawdust and wood waste. We also buy wood from private individuals or companies.

Wood processing. We cut construction wood, various wood products from coniferous and deciduous wood. We cut wood according to individual orders. We deliver the wood with our own transport to the place specified by the buyer.

We produce various types of firewood: hardwood (ash, oak, birch, elm), black alder, aspen. We prepare firewood with firewood splitting machines installed in the company's woodworking workshop. Firewood is dried in convection dryers and packed in bags of various sizes. We export a large part of prepared firewood abroad, and we also sell it in Lithuania. We deliver firewood to the place specified by the buyer with our own transport.

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We cut wood according to the dimensions specified by you.

We transport round wood and wood products with our own transport. We provide wood transportation services.

Tray blanks

Blanks for pallets - manufactures tables and points that meet the needs of customers. This production is intended for the production of various types of wooden pallets. Blanks for European pallets, CP pallets and non-standard pallets are made from coniferous (spruce and pine) and deciduous (birch, black alder and aspen) wood. 

Tables and points are freshly cut and have natural humidity. At the customer's request, we provide drying services and supply dried tables.

According to the special needs of customers, non-standard pallet tables of types I, II and III are produced:

  • thickness: from 12 mm to 200 mm;

  • width: from 60 mm to 200 mm;

  • length: from 800 mm to 3100 mm.

We also provide sawn wood processing services:

  • milling;

  • impregnation;

  • drying

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